Story #10b- Why I don’t have my homework

Dear Ms. Rosewater,

When you assigned that homework earlier this week, man was I worried! You see, the circus was coming into town that same day and… what’s that? Oh no, I would never blow off homework to see a circus! The circus was staying at our house. That’s right! Tigers and clowns and acrobats and everything! We have a big basement.

But somehow- by a miracle really- I was still able to get the assignment done.

And then when my dad was driving me to school we realized we had forgotten it at the house. Yep. No, no, that’s not why I don’t have it. You see, we turned around and went back to get it. When we got home, we realized that one of the tigers had taken it when the circus left town the day before!

Huh? Of course the tiger didn’t eat the homework! Tigers appreciate good literary essays. When I called the circus they said that Harold had taken it due to his interest in Harper Lee’s work. But they brought it back right away.

So there I was, with my homework in hand, although it was slightly wet. My dad dropped me off in front of the school and I marched to the doors proudly.

But then- a freak wind came and blew the paper out of my hands!

I chased my paper down past the rows of bushes and trees. And I had nearly caught it too! My fingers were barely touching the corner when from out of nowhere a tree punched me in the face.

I’m not sure if you heard me right. Let me say it again:

A. tree. punched. me. in. the. face.

By the time I came to, the paper was long gone. That’s why I don’t have my homework today.


True story.


9 thoughts on “Story #10b- Why I don’t have my homework

  1. Dear DC Rosewater, I want to know why the these sea lions are so tired and their back story to how they got here. I also want to know what they are dreaming about. Please no deaths.

    -Darling and Daring


    1. Man, there are so many great stories waiting to happen! I am directing a play that is opening this weekend, but as soon as our performances end on Saturday, I will take all of Sunday to start posting again. Thanks for your patience and these wonderful photo submissions!!


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