Story #14- Southwest Sestina

Another great photo submission from A. Thank you!

I will be adding another challenge of my own to this one.


Southwest Sestina


Stanza 1:


In the desert,

There is a girl.

She stands in the wind,

And she is alone.

She stares at a flower,

Leans against the mountain.


Stanza 2:


High above the mountain,

Over a plate of desert-

She looks like a flower,

That lonely, sweet girl.

Her body floats alone,

Her soul spread thin by wind.


Stanza 3:


On hazy days the wind

Can move an entire mountain.

And within the sands, alone,

The mountain fills the desert.

But the wind cannot move that girl:

She is made of both stone and flower.


Stanza 4:


A secret within her like a closed up flower.

Cannot be pried open by the wind.

That girl,

She pretends she is strong as mountain.

But her heart is dry as desert,

And even her secret sits alone.


Stanza 5:


It’s better to leave it alone,

To not reach down and pluck a flower.

Let it grow to fry in the desert,

To be carried off in death by wind.

He said to meet here, at this mountain.

The mountain he pointed out to the girl.


Stanza 6:


Here stands no man, but a girl-

A girl who hates to wait alone.

She waits under the heat of the mountain,

Ready to tear the petals from a flower.

She waits to be washed by the wind,

And disappear into the desert.


Last line:


“Meet at the mountain,” he said to his flower.

He held her close, his girl: “You will never be alone.”

But his empty words were swept by the wind, and taken off into the desert.





For anyone interested…

A sestina calls for the writer to take six words and order them a, b, c, d, e, f.

Each line must end with one of those words in the following order:

Sestina form:

Stanza 1: a, b, c, d, e, f

Stanza 2: f, a, e, b, d, c

Stanza 3: c, f, d, a, b, e

Stanza 4: e, c, b, f, a, d

Stanza 5: d, e, a, c, f, b

Stanza 6: b, d, f, e, c, a

Last line: f-e, b-d, c-a



4 thoughts on “Story #14- Southwest Sestina

  1. Challenge! Using ONLY dialogue, no descriptive writing outside of “s/he thought/said/etc.” (no narrative dialogue either) describe whats going on in the photo. Additional/Optional challenge make it a mystery.

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