Story #16- The Invasion

I am very excited about this challenge, which comes from “Home Skillet” aka Rosa. She asks that this story be a comedy/romance/horror/science fiction/action/fantasy/thriller/epic war story.

Let’s do it!

for dc's story

The Invasion:

Katie was never looking for love. She had moved to the city only a few weeks ago, and had enough on her hands with finding a job and settling in.

It was hard being a young lady in the big city. The cars drove by fast down the roads, honking at crossing pedestrians. No one offered to help carry groceries or smiled to her at the check out. But the worst aspect about the city was its dark and scuttling nights.

One evening, Katie was coming home late from her night classes. The subways and buses had stopped running. Her shoes clacked loudly on the pavement.

Click, clack, click, clack, click, clack.

Katie stopped. It sounded as it someone were not far behind her. She waited for silence to overtake the street, then walked again.

Click-click, clack, click-click, clack.

She looked over her shoulder. A hooded figure was following her.

She turned a corner, but the footsteps followed. She turned another corner and ran as far as she could. When Katie could run no farther, she bent down and clutched at her knees. She looked up to see the dark figure just behind her.

“Ahhh!” she screamed.

“Sorry,” a gentle voice said. The hood was pulled back, revealing a handsome young man. “I was trying not to follow you. I think we must live near each other.”

“Oh,” Katie said. She looked down bashfully. The man was so attractive!

“Maybe I’ll see you around,” the man said. “I’m Zach.”

“I’m Katie. See you,” Katie said as he turned down the street next to hers. She sighed while watching him walk away.

The next day, Katie was waiting at the bus stop when Zach came up next to her.

“Hope I’m not as scary during the day!” he said cheerfully.

“Not at all,” Katie said. She swooned as she stared into his eyes.

“Would you like to have dinner? Tonight?”

“Of course!” Katie said.

The rest of the day was a blur as Katie imagined her big date. Once she returned home from work she tried on every dress she owned twice, but none would do. She settled on wearing some jeans and a sweatshirt. She didn’t want to look too desperate.

When Zach picked her up he was wearing a suit.

“Dang it…” Katie whispered.

“You look perfect!” Zach said.

He took her to the top of a high building downtown where they ate a fancy dinner. Katie tried to copy everyone around her and cut her food very carefully into tiny bites on her plate.

“Relax,” Zach said.

But Katie couldn’t relax. Now that she had met a real human, and knew they were actually kind and caring, she could hardly sit still knowing what would happen in 5…4…3…2…1…


The entire restaurant shook.

“What’s happening?” Zach said.

Katie took his hands in hers. “I’m so sorry. I wish I had never met you.”


Katie stood up and turned towards where the boom had coming from. The building was still shaking. A hard wind was pushing against the windows. Suddenly WHOOSH!, the entire outside of the wall came right off. Hovering just over the restaurant was a disc-shaped space ship.

The doors on the ship opened and strange creatures with milky white faces floated out.

“Aliens!” Everyone screamed. They all got up and ran.

“Come with me!” Zach yelled. He pulled on Katie’s shoulder, but when she turned around, she too had a strange white face.

“Ahhh!!!” Zach ran out with the rest of the patrons. Katie sighed and rejoined her alien clan.

For weeks a terrible war raged on between the humans and the aliens. The human population had never before seen such a fierce breed of alien. They nicknamed them the moon-faces, as their heads looked like glowing white moons.

Katie was one of the leaders of the fighting. She had come down earlier to scout Earth, and had learned the cold ways of the humans. She used all of her knowledge to help her fellow alien race. They shot weapons down from the sky. They invaded people’s brains. They even called upon the race of the cats to join their leagues and fight the humans.

“Sisters!” Katie cried out. She held a sword made of moonrock and she thrust it out triumphantly. “For years we have waited for this day to come! A day when we would no longer be banished from Earth. A day when we too could drink the sweet oxygen of Earth’s atmosphere. For too long we have been cast aside in the universe. For too long we have stood back, afraid, allowing the creatures of the Earth to run our galaxy into a black hole.”

Rain began to pour. Lightning clapped over them. The thunder rumbled out towards every direction.

Katie turned to her legions. “Now, I say, is our time to fight back and seize the universe again. Are you with me?”

“Yaaaaaa!!!!” The aliens beat their armor with their swords and flooded through the city.

Meanwhile, Zach was also at the forefront of fighting for the human side. One afternoon, he was guarding a cat kennel, which had recently been deemed a prisoner of war site, when Katie came back to him. She was alone, but had not been expecting to see Zach there.

“Unleash our allies!” she shouted, leaping through the doors to the cattery. She saw Zach and paused. They stared at each other for a long time.

“I still love you!” they both cried at once. They embraced as the cats meowed loudly in the background.

“But we can never tell anyone,” Katie said. “Our people will never have peace.”

“We can stop the fighting, if we try,” Zach said. But even so, both knew that stopping the war would be near impossible. There was so much that had happened. Too many people and aliens had been damaged.

“Oh, why did you have to come and attack us in the first place?” Zach asked.

Katie scoffed at him. “Us? It was the humans that started it.”


A deep laugh came from behind them.

They jumped and turned towards the cats. Right in the middle of the kennels there was a giant grey cat sitting on a black office chair. She flexed her claws.

“It was you!” Katie said.

“You wanted us to wipe each other out!” Zach added.

“But of course,” the cat said in a terrible French accent. “Zat way, ze cats can rule the entire world! Muahahahahahaha…”

“Hahahahahaha…” The rest of the cats chimed in.

Katie turned to Zach. “What can we do? No side will ever believe us!”

“Zat’s right!” said the master dictator cat, also known as The Furrrrer. “Everyone looves us! Even you humans still loove us! You are too easily amused by our attitoodes.”

“No…” Zach said. He tried to resist watching another cat crawl into a jar.

“Yes!” cried The Furrrrer. “There is no way out now! We will take over everyzing!!! Muahahahahaha!!”

Katie and Zach ran out of the cat kennel and down the endless allies of the city.

Bam, bam! Pow pow pow pow pow…

There were shots coming from every angle. They ducked and rolled from one block to the next. Zach tripped and hurt his ankle.

“I can’t go farther…” he said to Katie as she held him.

“Oh you stupid humans and your fragility!” Katie cried.


Zach and Katie looked up. From behind the corner, they saw a paw waving at them.

“We can’t trust the cats,” Katie said.

Zach hobbled to stand. “I think we should follow it,” he said.

They slowly crept around the corner towards the waving paw. They found a yellow Labrador waiting for them. His tail wagged impatiently.

“I may have a place for you,” he told them.

“Dogs can talk!” Zach cried. “I can’t believe it! That’s amazing! That might be the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life! How many words do you know, boy?”

Katie turned to him. “Zach- we’re in the middle of a war forged by cats that will ultimately entail the destruction of both the humans and the Moonlings and all you can think to do is ask a dog how many words he knows?”

Both Katie and the Labrador stared at Zach coldly.

“Sorry,” Zach mumbled.

The Labrador sniffed and pointed his nose to a window painted onto the building wall. “There. You can escape through that window.”

“That’s just a picture painted on,” Zach said. He tried to pet the Lab. Dogs were so stupid, poor things.

But the Labrador moved his head out of the way. “No!” he barked. “It is a secret entrance into another dimension. It is where we come from.”

“We?” Katie asked.

“All dogs and those who appreciate the simpler things in life. You can escape there and live out your love in peace!”

“What do we have to do?” Zach asked.

The dog turned and pulled out a large purple sack. “Just sprinkle this magic powder all over you and say the magical incantation Whosagooddoggie, and you will be able to cross over.”

Katie and Zach looked at each other lovingly. This was their only chance of escape. They poured the magic dust on themselves, then turned for the window.

“One…” Katie said.

“Two…” Zach said.

They clasped hands and closed their eyes.

“Three! Whosagooddoggie!

Together they ran full sprint for the window. The wall gave way to them with ease. Each felt the gentle sunshine on their skin. They opened their eyes and looked at each other.

They both gasped.

Katie was now a beautiful white poodle. Zach was a brown boxer dog. They sniffed each other tentatively. They were still the same Katie and Zach! They licked each other’s noses with joy, and ran off into the sunset of the mystical land of Dogonea.



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