Story #18- What Time Is It?

Aren’t my students the greatest kids in the world? Would you believe that I already received another photo submission from them? Do you think I’ll be able to complete the additional challenge of writing the story entirely in questions?

Who knows?!


Can you see it? Can you see the old woman pacing about through the window of that cottage, there? Can you see her staring at the clock?

Can you imagine what she is thinking?

What time is it?

Is it already five?

Where is Red?

Didn’t she say she would be here by now?

Where has she wandered off to?

Is she still in the woods?

Does she still have the basket for me?

Why hasn’t she arrived?

What was that noise?

Was it just the wind?

Or was it something more?

Could it be she came home earlier?

And disappeared after?

From someone unknown?

Why am I saying such terrible things?

Don’t I trust her?

But where is she?

Doesn’t she know how I worry?

Was that a bang?

At the door?

At the wall?

At a window?

Who is it?

What do they want?

Why are they bothering me?

Can’t they see I’m strained enough?

Why do they keep banging?

Don’t they know how frightening it sounds?

Can’t they come back later?

Why isn’t Red here to see to them?

Where can Red be?

What was that?

Who’s there?


Will you please stop banging?

Can’t you wait just a moment?

Why won’t this door work?

Is the lock jammed?

Did I fix it?

Will it open?

“Can I help you?”

“Is that you, Red?

“What kind of joke is this?

“Do you think you’re funny?

“Didn’t you know how worried I was about you?

“Why did you get here so late?”

“…And why are your ears so long?

“And why are you so tall?

“And where is my basket?

“And why are your eyes different?

“Why are your teeth so sharp?”

Why do you look at me this way?

“You’re not really Red, are you?

“Who are you?

“What do you want?”

“Can’t you let me go?”

Can’t you let me go?

Can you let-

“Hellloo? Grannie?”


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