Story #26- Where the Dogs Go

Having just arrived home from a very long family trip traveling the Northwest coast, this next story is actually a letter I sent to my eldest niece. The content is heavily inspired by one of her favorite books, the classic “Go, Dog. Go!” by P.D. Eastman.


(Photo belongs to Papyrus greeting cards)

Dear Brinley,

When I look at this little girl and giant dog I am instantly reminded of you.

“Dog, go dog!” she yells, instead of “Go dog, go” (just like you!). The giant dog whisks her away on his back and runs and runs until the wind is whistling past his ears and for the girl, the whole countryside is blurred.

They run past cars and trains and the girl sees many things along the way. She waves at mountains, who barely flinch in the distance. She also waves at nearby trees, who wave back in the wind. She waves at people too, but to them, her waves says “hello.” Whenever she sees a dog, she gives a wave that tells them, “come along with us!”

Soon whole packs of dogs are following them. If the girl and the giant dog were a boat, the dogs would be the wake of seawater behind them. Soon there are so many dogs that they fill up the entire road! They are all running so fast, and the girl looks back and giggles because she has never seen so many dogs before in her life.

They go, and go, and go.

Until finally, they reach the edge of the road, and you know what’s there. (It’s a tree, of course! A giant tree just for dogs.) The dogs climb right up and help each other and poke their long, wet noses up through the branches to find…

A DOG PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as the little girl goes through the branches and monkey-climbs her way up, she turns into you! (Because of course only you know how to expertly climb trees like a monkey, with no help from the dogs might I add.)

You get to the top, right in the middle of the party, and I am waiting for you. I am holding the biggest and most delicious cake ever, which I have been waiting to share with my dearest niece Brinley, because I love her so.

Thinking of you.

Love, your Aunt Rosewater


One thought on “Story #26- Where the Dogs Go

  1. First I heard this story read aloud today – in the presence of the aforementioned Brinley – and now I am reading it. It is a tale worth telling! Such a dog party there was, and we were all there, in the tree, with the cake. Glorious!

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