Story #30- A Change

Holy meowza. The Story Challenge is turning 30 stories old. It’s going into a potential existential crisis on what its doing with its life.

Maybe that’s me.

Truth be told, I’m not turning 30, and I’m not exactly going into a crisis, per se. But I have been contemplating the purpose of this blog. At the time it was a big “coming out” party for me as a writer. I never talked about my writing before, so I took a big leap and decided to dedicate a blog to it. But I’m realizing that the more I work on my (real) projects such as manuscripts and pitches and plot maps, the more stressed I feel about the blog that was supposed to relieve my stress.

To remedy this, I’ve decided that I need to allow the stories to sink on the quality index a little (not that they were high up to begin with.) Okay, I’ll say it: I need to let them be… bad.

I mean really bad. Twilight meets Old Man and the Sea bad. 

And maybe, just maybe, I should try putting a little more of myself in this blog. More storyteller, less story. See where I’m going?

So here’s my story tax:


Once there was a popcorn kernel, and all it wanted in its popcorny kernally life was to get stuck in someone’s teeth.

That was the purpose of popcorn kernels, after all. It’s how they fulfilled their purpose.

Then one day someone ate that piece of popcorn and swallowed the kernel right down. The kernel never got its wish, because life is not fair.

As he scraped past the throat he realized that everything was pretty meaningless, especially when you were a popcorn kernel.


More updates on the storyteller to come…


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