Story #34- Dream Prompts

Hullo, readers!

For this post I would like you to be the storytellers.

A few days ago I was cleaning out my bookshelf, which seems like an act of evil, I know. But I love collecting books and sometimes three copies of the same book is too much. Sometimes. I did find three copies of The Hobbit and all three are staying put.

While looking through my books, I came across an old notebook of mine. I used to throw away old notebooks, but then, once I realized what a terrible habit that was, I began storing filled-up books on my bookshelf.

Let me say, though, this notebook was not filled. It was a curious find, as I did not recognize the cover, and thought for certain I was pulling out a book. When I opened it up, I learned that in college, I had used the notebook as a dream journal. But I only wrote down a handful or dreams.

As I read through the pages, I decided that these dreams might make for interesting stories. So I’m going to post the dreams as prompts. If you’re up for it, write me a story. I would love to read (and possibly post) your work!

We’ll see what you make of this nonsense…

Rosewater dreams:


  • Write about someone who is walking through a thrift store, when they find an old dust-covered box in back. Inside the box, they find stacks of undelivered letters. They take out the top letter and open it. Once they read the words, they realize they must get this box to the person all the letters are addressed to.


  • Write about someone who takes a journey to the ends of the earth, where they’re promised a glimpse of “the backside of the moon.” As the rumors go, a person who sees the moon from this unusual angle will see that there were once life forms on the moon, who left a message for mankind.


  • Write about someone who is introduced to a secret theatrical society. The society is made up of three types of members. The first group is called “the dark members,” or the people who work backstage. The darkness refers to the black clothes they wear to go unseen. The second group is called “the bed members,” or the people who act on stage. They are called the bed members because until they arrive for evening rehearsals and performances, they sleep far into the day. The third group is called “the silent members.” No acting member of the society knows who these members are, or what the silence refers to…


  • Write about a strange candy confections shop that in fact sells everything but candy. There are oddities strung out on the shelves and the walls. A young boy enters the store and finds a pair of binoculars in the corner. When he looks through, he sees the same store, but something has changed. As he lowers the binoculars and looks around, he realizes that he was seeing the shop from the storekeeper’s eyes. The binoculars allow the user to take on the vision of someone else in the same room.


  • Write about a little girl who loves playing on the beach. One day she finds a seashell with a piece of paper folded and placed deep inside. The paper has a list of directions for finding a special lemon tree. Once the girl finds the tree, she is instructed to pick the largest lemon and squeeze it over the shell. When she does, a new secret emerges.

Get to writing! Comment back with your thoughts or your own good story ideas and dreams!


4 thoughts on “Story #34- Dream Prompts

  1. Whew! I read through your dreamy writing prompts and one of them inspired in me the plot of an entire novel. It came upon me all at once, complete to the end. I am asking for your permission to write that novel now instead of writing a small response to your prompt. Someday, I will let you read it.

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  2. DC Rosewater, all of these sound very alluring. I think the one I’d like most to read at this time is the one about the letters. This inspired the most questions in my mind.

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    1. I remember that in the dream the letters were love letters, but I more like the idea of an urgency behind them. Is the recipient dead? Why do the letters need to be opened? Questions are so much fun when it comes to story ideas!


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