Story #35- The Swings



By my 2-year old niece!

This is amazing. I received this letter a few months ago. It’s time for the world to read it, too.

The sparse, heavily concentrated words read as pure poetry, so I’ll try to format them that way:

(get ready for brilliance)

Brinley’s letter:

In those swings was Mommy and Gideon.

Brinley with a heart.

There was a flower.

There were more hearts.

Robin Hood came.

He married his mother.

A big chicken played with Robin and his mother.

They climbed up a flower.

There were hearts at the top.

They got the hearts and a snowflake.

They put them into a computer.

The end.

By Brinley.

This is going to be my best pen pal ever!!!


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